Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is a Vasectomy the right choice?

Well, that all depends on what your current choice is and why you may be considering getting snipped in the first place. You and your spouse need to ask yourselves a few simple questions....

1. Are we absolutely done having kids?
2. Are we tired of the same birth control method we are using?
3. What are the pro's and con's of a vasectomy?

Of course you could ask numerous other questions but the one that boils down everything is whether or not you desire more children. That's pretty much it. If the answer is yes, then I highly advocate a vasectomy. It is a relatively painless and quick procedure with a clean side effect profile.

Think about the advantges more relying on pills, condoms, gels, shots, patches, intrusive medieval plastic devices, or push-pull & pray. Also, isn't it about time the two of you started enjoying your sex life more?

When was the last time you acturally had a quickie? With a vasectomy you can have all the quickies you want...stress free....

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Rob Hunter, HVA

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