Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you "On the Fence" about getting snipped?

Estimates state that about 600,000 men get a vasectomy in the USA each year, however there is not estimate about how many guys are "on the fence" about whether or not to go through with it. I bet it's a ridiculously high number, maybe in the millions.

I too was "on the fence" for well over a year and during that time my wife got pregnant with our third. Upon hearing this news I leapt "off the fence" very quickly, called my urologist and went and got snipped.

Most guys are not well educated in Vasectomy 101. Plain and simple. And, as a result the fence is packed with guys teetering from one edge to the other. One moment they swear they're ready to do it and the next they are cowering in a corner. The problem with this is that as time passes by this behavior inevitably effects the marriage. Your wife may want you to have it done but your indecision and confusion about the procedure leaves you stuck in a rut, with a storm brewing on the horizon between the two of you. My advice? Get off the fence and out the rut! Seek out information on the procedure, the pro's and con's. Talk to men and couples who have had this done, and find a good urologist who can give you all the clinical info you need.

If 600,000 guys get this done each year, then you too can join them. Most of the pain is in your head anyway...and just think of the benefits after you get snipped. No more pregnancy fears and all the stress free sex you can physically handle. Not a bad deal for forty minutes on a table, a low co-pay, and 2 days on couch with your remote tethered to your hand.


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